March 23, 2022

A morning cup of coffee was once the norm for the average American. But now, the norm is three, maybe even four cups of coffee to get the day started.

As the coffee industry continues to grow, consumers demand a higher level of convenience and quality when choosing their preferred drink. Coffee shops are now required to provide options that can be whipped up quickly, taste great and align with consumers’ health and environmental viewpoints.

This highly competitive market demands new marketing tactics that connect with guests to get them through the door. Let’s dive deeper into the coffee shop trends of 2022 to find innovative solutions that will help your shop stand out from the rest.

1. Target Younger Audiences

In 2018, 48% of 18 to 24 year olds now drink coffee. This younger audience wants their cup of coffee to be a statement about themselves, and they’re looking for something that’s made sustainably and is healthy.

One way you can connect with this audience is through the sourcing of your ingredients. Find sustainable ingredients from your local farmers and roasters, Fairtrade certified farms or vendors who work with the UTZ Certified seal. These resources increase the credibility of your coffee to this generation.

2. Explore Artisan Drinks and Speciality Drinks

In 2017, 41% of US adults drink specialty coffee daily and these cups made up 59% of the market share. The reason they are so popular with coffee drinkers is the care and attention to detail that goes into them. 

Creating artisan and specialty drinks means that you put a high level of importance on quality throughout the entire supply chain. Sourcing ingredients locally will help differentiate your coffee shop in the market and justify consumers paying a premium price for your cups.

3. Use Milk Alternatives


Plant-based alternatives are continuing to grow in popularity. More consumers expect to have these options when they’re ordering. A great way to provide this option to your customers is through non-dairy milk alternatives.

Oat milk is currently the preference of choice for the majority of this audience, but there are other options such as soy, almond, rice and cashew milk that can serve as great replacements for traditional milk.

Having a variety of milk options can also benefit your specialty drink menu, giving customers a variety of ways to personalize their cup to their liking.

4. Consider a Stretched Coffee Concept

We’ve talked about how you can think outside the box to find ways to set your coffee apart from the crowd, but you can also think outside the cup entirely. Get creative in how you deliver the coffee flavor that so many crave with coffee flavored ice cream, popsicles or chocolate bars. This will give your guests more reasons to visit the store throughout the day, instead of only for their morning cup of joe.

5. Allow Custom Ordering

The ultimate way of giving your customers a cup that connects with them is through custom ordering. This trend has been on the rise for a while and allows customers to create their own coffee masterpiece.

As a business owner, this strategy can give you great insights into your customers’ preferences. Using POS systems that allow for menu modifications means you can track what toppings and extras are your best sellers. This will help you find what suppliers and roasters your customers prefer and allow you to plan your future strategies accordingly.

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