January 19, 2021

The Super Bowl is here again, and even in a year quite different than others, it’s still sure to be a major event, with fans at home looking forward to an exciting game, memorable ads and, of course, delicious food. Restaurants are no strangers to getting in on the fun of game day, from offering special menu items to promotional discounts. And while we can assume Super Bowl parties won’t be in full swing this year, people still want to enjoy a great game with great food. So let’s take look at why your restaurant should invest in Super Bowl promotions and consider some tips for scoring big the day of the Big Game. 

Big Game = Big Money

Everything related to the Super Bowl is big. Nearly 100 millions viewers usually tune in to the game, and the National Retail Federation reported in 2020 that Americans were willing to spend an average of $88.65 to celebrate as they watch. That adds up to $17.2 billion! The survey also determined 80% of them were planning to buy food and drinks for the game. All this to say, the Super Bowl is a massive spending occasion and local restaurants can and should reap the benefits of this. 

Stand Out With Offers & Discounts 

With so many options available to consumers, it’s important to show customers they can find affordable prices at your restaurant, whether they’re dining in or picking up food to take home. If your restaurant offers discounts, consider two for one promotions or a deal that incentives guests to order more. If discounts aren’t your deal, then think of how you can offer special combos or even limited-time menu items for the occasion. 

Score Big with Delivery 

As even more people will likely be watching from home this year, it’s important to make sure your delivery and pick up operations are running smoothly. Ensure your ordering systems, via phone, your website and any third-parties, are working seamlessly, and that your team is ready to handle a higher than usual volume of orders. Promote your delivery services leading up the game, especially if they’re free to guests. Catering services could also be a way to maximize your earnings that weekend, so be sure to advertise those as well. 

Even with Super Bowl festivities looking different this year, there are still lots of opportunities to be harnessed, especially at a time when enjoying food from your favorite places at home is more common than ever, giving restaurants an opportunity to turn an atypical year into a big win. 

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