July 05, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, understanding consumer behavior is paramount. Businesses do so by constantly considering how their target audience thinks, feels, and behaves. By delving deep into the minds of consumers, Push elevates brands to new heights. Here’s how:

The Importance of Consumer Insights in Brand Strategy

Consumer insights are more than just data points; they are the foundation for successful marketing strategies. Understanding the motivations, preferences, and behaviors of your target audience enables brands to:

  • Craft Personalized Experiences: Tailor messages and offerings to meet the specific needs and desires of different consumer segments.
  • Enhance Customer Loyalty: Foster deeper connections by addressing consumer pain points and delivering consistent value.
  • Drive Innovation: Identify emerging trends and unmet needs to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Optimize Marketing Spend: Allocate resources more efficiently by focusing on the most impactful strategies and channels.

How Push Applies Consumer Insights

Analyzing consumer insights is at the core of all strong strategy and design. Our approach involves several key steps:

  • Data Collection: We leverage a variety of sources, including social media analytics, surveys, focus groups, and customer feedback, to gather comprehensive data.
  • Data Analysis: We analyze the data to uncover patterns and trends that reveal consumer preferences and behaviors.
  • Consumer Segmentation: We segment the audience based on shared characteristics and behaviors, allowing for more targeted and effective marketing strategies.
  • Behavioral Analysis: We uncover the ‘why’ behind consumer actions so that we can predict future behaviors and tailor our strategies accordingly.

Success Stories: Transforming Brands through Insights

Case Study 1: Tailoring your message

One of our newest clients is a bean bag company that had already identified who its consumers were: young families. What it didn’t do was a deep dive into understanding why these individuals bought. After a customer decision-making audit, it was unveiled that a substantial portion of the families who were fervent brand advocates were those who had neurodivergent children who loved that the materials of the chairs were noiseless. Identifying this small detail caused the brand to reconsider its messaging for this sub-segment of its audience and create specialized content that highlights key values that were highly relevant to this specific audience but not others. It also provided an opportunity to explore some additional media channels for this audience exclusively.

Case Study 2: Knowing your customer’s WHY

Another relevant example is when one of our university clients utilized first-party consumer research to consider how it could increase enrollment with prospective Hispanic students, a market that it was trying to make inroads with. Of all of the factors considered, the most influential proved to be the input of their parents or guardians, disproportionality so for Hispanic audiences. Research showed that when Hispanic students considered college enrollment, hearing from their parents and how much time college would take away from their family was a big factor in their decision-making process. As a result, our ads featured parents as a dedicated audience with their own creative, targeting, and budget along with adding families in all our Hispanic marketing for the college.

Get Started with Consumer Insights at Push

Harnessing the power of consumer insights is not just a strategy; it’s a necessity in today’s competitive market. At Push, we pride ourselves on our ability to transform data into actionable insights that drive marketing success.

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