February 04, 2021

With a commitment to New Year’s resolutions underway and COVID-19 still top of mind, being and staying healthy is more of a priority than ever. Consumers are looking for fresh, healthy food options, especially when ordering in or dining out. In fact, local-food company Forager reports that 91% of consumers say it’s important or very important to feed their family fresh, healthy food right now. We’re breaking down these trends toward healthier foods to understand what your guests are looking for and how, as a restaurant, you can incorporate them into your menu.

A Focus on Holistic Health


While more nutritious foods have been popping up on quick-serve and fast-casual restaurants for the past decade, those additions have often catered to individual diets. But as QSR magazine reports, consumers are seeking a more holistic approach to nutrition and the wholesome foods that go along with that.

This means incorporating more fresh, non-processed ingredients into your menu and preparing and serving them in a way that protects their functional benefits. And while plant-based dishes are a clear way to do this, there are plenty of ways to bring clean ingredients into the heartier dishes that your customers love.

Immune Boosters Spark Interest

Beyond seeking out whole, healthful foods, consumers are also taking a growing interest in specific ingredients that may have immunity-boosting properties. As quoted by Market Research, over 50% of consumers reported taking more supplements to support their immune health in 2020. And purpose-driven ingredients are predicted to be at the forefront of the food industry.

As a restaurant, consider adding ingredients like vitamin C, vitamin D, elderberry, or ginger to dishes and drinks on your menu, along with some education for guests on the benefits these nutrients and ingredients may offer them.

As we move through the year, we expect this focus on health to continue, even as things get more back to “normal.” Keep in mind though, incorporating this trend should feel authentic to your
restaurant and sustainable past the pandemic. Health may be top of mind right now, but honesty and transparency will be crucial for your business to maintain for years to come.

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